We do a lot more than just pallets.

We offer bulk landscape mulch made from dry wood pallets in a variety of colors.

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Additional Services


Sell / Buy Program

In addition to selling you any size and type of pallet or crate you will need, we also purchase certain size pallets depending upon condition and frequency.

We now even pay for your baled corrugate. Why pay dumpster rental and haul fees… Save money with our SELL/BUY program. Using our unique bar code tracking system, we will tailor a program to fit your exact needs. The need for multiple service providers is not required.


Custom Design

With state of the art computer generated design software, we can build pallets to your exact specifications using all recycled wood or a combination of new and recycled woods. All of our pallets are built using nails which are stronger and more secure than staples.

We will take your sample crate and recreate it using all recycled or a combination of new and recycled woods that will reduce your costs.


Wood, Corrugate, Plastic and Paper

In addition to pallets, Nazareth Pallet now removes both banded or loose corrugated, shrink wrap, stretch film and plastic pallets in addition to wood pallets and other loose wood. For convenience, mixed materials can be loaded into the same trailer. That means fewer dock doors for waste materials and more for incoming goods.


Trailer Drop-Offs

Squeezed for space or no time for live load? For your convenience Nazareth Pallet will leave a trailer at your dock to warehouse your delivered pallets or store your pallet returns and other scrap products.

Not enough docks? No problem! Our drivers will wait while you off-load or load the trailer. To save money you can also use your own trailers to pick up or drop off. We have dedicated docks for outside haulers to keep their load and unload times to a minimum.