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A great place to work for over 30 years

Looking to make your next career move? Look no further.

Nazareth Pallet is a family-owned business that is known for it’s dedication to a high level of excellence, while also striving to maintain the values that were established at the time of the company’s founding over 30 years ago.Read more

Thanks to you, 2016 was a year of accomplishments for Nazareth Pallet Company

Thanks to you, 2016 was a year of accomplishments for Nazareth Pallet Company

At Nazareth Pallet Company, we're proud of where we came from and where we're headed. Everyday we apply our more than 30 years of experience and expertise to provide companies in the Lehigh Valley, and surrounding regions, the best pallet and the best service at the best price through automation, innovation and implementation...Did we mention Dedication?Read more

The Nazareth Pallet Palinator

Introducing...Palinator! A TINY van on a mission

A few months ago we introduced you to the newest member of our fleet, the Nazareth Pallet Company Tiny Van. But as cool as the new tiny van was in it’s original form, we felt it needed something more to really stand out around here. It needed a name. It needed an image. It got both!

The TINY van before the makeover

It did the job, chauffeuring our key staff back and forth between multiple office locations and factory guests on grounds tours, but we felt the van needed a little confidence boost. So, we turned to our trusty Facebook fans to help us come up with a name. They didn’t disappoint. We received hundreds of name entries!


The Palinator comes alive

After sorting through hundreds of name entries and narrowing the list down to our top 5, we once again turned the reigns over to our fans to select the winning tiny van name. And Palinator won the vote by a landslide!

Once we had the name, it was time to work on the concept for the van wrap. Our team put our heads together and voila!

The Nazareth Pallet Palinator

Nazareth Pallet Palinator 2

Nazareth Pallet Palinator 3

What do you think? Have you noticed a few “secret” details?

The black and white checkered band looks like a real taxi design, but if you look closely you will see it's a design made from pallets!

The Palinator is even wearing a gold pallet belt buckle. And, did you notice the Nazareth Pallet emblem on his chest?

We even added cool new wheel covers and a taxi light!

A few other Palinator facts

  • Right-hand-drive, 1999 Mitsubishi minicab van (we keep getting in the wrong side)
  • 4-wheel drive (great for shooting up the hill between offices, even in the snow)
  • 5-speed manual transmission (we may never get out of 4th)
  • Exterior length at 11.138 feet (a VW van is longer)
  • Exterior width at 4.839 feet (a Smart car is 5'5”)
  • Exterior height at 5.856 feet (yeah, but a 6 footer can drive it)
  • Seats 4 and a set of golf clubs (how did they do that?)
  • 10.56 gallon fuel tank (no fueling, we’re serious!)

Be on the lookout for the Palinator in area parades, ArtsQuest events and other community happenings around the Lehigh Valley. Don’t worry, photo ops are totally free. Well, at least until this local celebrity is picked up by an agent!

Wonder how many people the Palinator can hold? Keep your eye out for an upcoming video that will provide the answer. You will be surprised!

Nazareth Pallet Company named in LVB’s Fastest Growing Companies list for 2016

Nazareth Pallet Company named in LVB’s Fastest Growing Companies list for 2016

We’re proud to announce that Lehigh Valley Business recently named 45 eastern Pennsylvania companies to its Fastest Growing Companies list for 2016 – and we’re one of them. We’re truly honored to be on this list for the second time in three years. We’re in the company of many great organizations from the Lehigh Valley area.

The Lehigh Valley Business Fastest Growing Companies award honors companies identified as the region's most dynamic that have made significant contributions to the local economy.Read more

Social media secrets from Nazareth Pallet Company - as featured in Pallet Central

Social media secrets from Nazareth Pallet Company - as featured in Pallet Central

We admit. We’ve been holding out on some information over the last few years, mainly because we wanted to make sure that what we were doing was right and felt right to us. But recently Pallet Central magazine approached us to spill some of our secrets about how we use social media in our business to connect with our clients and the Lehigh Valley Community, and we decided to tell all!

Well, maybe we left out a few super top-secret details...just in case. But all-in-all, we think the article in Pallet Central magazine turned out great. Read more

NP Employee Spotlight - Christine Martini

Meet Christine Martini, Nazareth Pallet Company’s new HR Manager

Christine comes to us with over 10 years of human resources experience and hopes to make many positive contributions at Nazareth Pallet by supporting each employee and also each area of the company.

In her spare time Christine enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and gardening. She also enjoys volunteering her time to help environmental causes. Get to know Christine in this quick Q & A!Read more

Nazareth Pallet Annual Safety Day, bigger and better than ever

Nazareth Pallet Company Annual Safety Day, bigger and better than ever

When we say that safety is important to us, we mean it. In fact, safety is such a critical part of our business that we designated an annual safety day here at Nazareth Pallet Company to ensure it’s part of our culture.Read more

Nazareth Pallet Company named Business of the Year

Nazareth Pallet Company named Business of the Year

Nazareth Pallet Company has been selected as the 2016 Northampton Area Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year for our outstanding spirit and commitment to the business community, the town of Northampton and the Northampton Area Chamber of Commerce.Read more

We launched a new, mobile-first website

We launched a new, mobile-first website

They say that great things come to those who wait, and that has definitely proven to be true with our website redesign project. We had a vision of building an innovative site – one that would serve as the foundation of our social media efforts – with mobile-first technology.Read more

We Keep the FUN in FUNdamentals

We Keep the FUN in FUNdamentals

By now you are probably pretty familiar with the fact that safety is critically important to us at Nazareth Pallet. The physical and mental health and wellness of our employees is a big focus for us daily because it is key to the continued success of our company.Read more