Inside Naz Pal

Nazareth Pallet proudly recognizes a major accomplishment of one of their best employees, Pa Lwin.

Pa Lwin recently became an American Citizen.  Born in Berma Chin, now recognized as Myanmar, he came to the United States on July 28th, 2008. He has a wife named Re-Cing who followed him four years later and a 3-1/2 year old son named David, born in America. Read more

Nazareth Pallet Company floats by once again at the annual Northampton Halloween parade

The Northampton Halloween parade, otherwise known as the Jack Frost Parade, was once again spirited away with the help of Nazareth Pallet. Each year the company donates a truck, trailer and even a driver for the Northampton Student Council float.Read more

The Importance of Safety in Warehouse Management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17 warehouse workers died on the job in 2013. The companies that employed these workers can face scrutiny from organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Even small issues of mismanagement can result in hefty fines. Of course, warehouse safety isn't just about following the law. Employers also have a responsibility to create safe environments for their employees.Read more

Meet Bill Cooke, military man and Nazareth Pallet Company CDL-A driver (Center)

Nazareth Pallet Company proudly supports military veterans and active military personnel. Bill Cooke is a longtime truck driver at Nazareth Pallet Company and also a military man on active duty. Get to know Bill and his rules of the road in this quick Q & A!Read more

Everything you always wanted to know about Nazareth Pallet Company

Have you ever thought about a pallet for longer than a second? Probably not. In fact, you probably never thought about a pallet at all. Most people think a pallet is just a pallet. It’s like shrink wrap - it’s just part of the package.Read more

The lifecycle of a recycled GMA pallet

We’re around pallets every day, on average processing over 12,000 pallets daily to ensure our clients have access to the best recycled pallets when they need them. We know pallets, and we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to recycling pallets, but we thought you may want to know what happens to a pallet from the moment it is delivered to Nazareth Pallet Company until it is fully recycled and ready for use.Read more

As luck would have it

Since Nazareth Pallet Company’s founding by George Frack Sr. in 1984 in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, our company has transformed from a small-town pallet recycler to the Lehigh Valley's premier source for recycled pallets and decorative mulch.Read more

Million Miles, Million Questions - A Q & A with Nazareth Pallet's 3 Million Mile Driver

It all started in June of 1972 when Rick Ackerknecht fell in love with driving trucks. Big trucks! Forty two years (twenty and a quarter of which he spent with Nazareth Pallet) and three million miles later, we have the pleasure of celebrating Rick’s many accomplishments and impeccable driving record. And when we say impeccable, we mean it. Rick’s driving record has no blemishes. Not even one. But before we sent him off to enjoy his golden years with beautiful wife Annette, we sat him down to answer a few questions for us. How did he drive three million miles without one accident? Why did he get into truck driving? Why did he choose this path over a potential baseball career? And most importantly, what is he looking forward to the most in his retirement?Read more

Nazareth Pallet is Finalist for Business of the Year in 101+ Employees Category

Nazareth Pallet was recently named as a nominee for the Business of the Year awards, a program of Lehigh Valley Business, and was later selected as a finalist in the 101+ Employees category. We were in the company of many great organizations from the Lehigh Valley area.Read more

Nazareth Pallet named a top 100 private company by Lehigh Valley Business

Nazareth Pallet was recently named one of the top private companies in the Lehigh Valley, proudly taking the number forty spot on the list. This list is specifically designed to showcase the most prominent businesses in the Lehigh Valley that are privately held, ranking them based on 2013 reported revenues.Read more