Top 5 Creative Ways To Recycle Wooden Pallets

Top 5 Creative Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets


When you think of pallets (new or recycled), you may think boring or not-so-attractive wooden “platforms” that are often found in warehousing or distribution centers… However, there is so much more to these wooden structures – all you need is a little creativity! Here are some fun pallet project ideas that anyone can do.




A headboard made from reclaimed wooden pallets adds true character to any bedroom. These headboards can be as intricate or as casual as you prefer, but the technique is the same. Be sure to sand the headboard before you stain or paint it, so you don’t have any splinters or rough edges near your head when you sleep.


Raised Garden Bed:

Avid gardeners are fans of the raised garden bed. Wooden pallets are perfect for your garden landscape this Spring! You just need to construct large boxes on the ground, add some prepared soil, plant your favorite veggies and voilà! You have yourself a raised garden bed made out of recycled pallets. Not only do you have a green thumb, but you’re also going green!


Deck Storage:

Everyone could use some extra storage outside. Make an easy wooden box for your deck to store away garden tools, pool supplies, or toys.


Art Canvas:

Why spend extra money on canvases when a wooden pallet will do the trick? Pallets can provide a touch of rustic flair to your sophisticated art piece. To use a pallet as a canvas, simply dismantle the pallet and reattach the slats together. Cut it to your preferred size and you’re ready to go!


Dog House:

What dog wouldn’t love a beautiful house made from recycled pallets? This can be a quick one-day project made from pallets and a piece of scrap tin for the roof. You don’t have to be a pro at crafts to be able to create these fun projects!



Using a little ingenuity and a lot of creativity, you can build something fun and beautiful while doing your part to save the planet. Good luck!

Ice Suite Giveaway Winner

Ice Suite Giveaway Winner


Last month, Nazareth Pallet’s Palinator Hero was invited to meLVin’s birthday celebration during the Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey game, which featured all the local sport teams and company mascots.


At that event, Nazareth Pallet held a Ticket Giveaway Contest to the upcoming TrollsLIVE extravaganza for March 29th at the PPL Center. The Bigelli family won tickets to Nazareth Pallet’s entire private Ice Suite, including VIP parking, for themselves and friends.


Nazareth Pallet will also host an Iron Pigs game during Star Wars Night at Coca Cola Park on May 28th and will have their famous Palinator mascot to greet families and take pictures with them. At the last ball game, he was even out on the field with Ferrous and FeFe.


As a community-involved, family company, we enjoy bringing 40+ employees and their families to the ball game to show their appreciation and gratitude for their hard work.




Below, we have a fun behind-the-scenes recap video of Palinator at the Phantoms. This event was full of laughs, cheers, and hugs. Happy Birthday, meLVin!




Nazareth Pallet Meets Technology

Say hello to our IRON GIANT! This robotic pallet dismantler is one of our recent additions to the facility expansion. Produced by Alliance Automation, this piece of equipment can dismantle damaged pallets for recycling - replacing a labor-intensive job, ensuring a safer environment for pallet recyclers and large-volume logistics operations.



This is capable of dismantling pallets from 30 x 30 up to 60 x 60 inches, helping keep production consistent day after day.


Did you know? This robotic system can fully dismantle a wooden pallet within 30 seconds! This allows us to reclaim planks and rebuild damaged pallets more efficiently. This is just the first installment of Alliance Automation to come… At Nazareth Pallet, we are always ahead of the game.


Click our Youtube video below to see the Iron Giant in action!




Top 5 Reasons to Use Nazareth Pallet Mulch

Top 5 Reasons to Use Nazareth Pallet Mulch


Spring is just around the corner, and March 12th is the day to participate in National Plant a Flower Day! Did you know that mulched gardens are healthier and more drought resistant than un-mulched gardens? Mulches can help reduce water use by as much as 50%, improve the quality of soil, and prevent weeds. So not only will you be spending less time watering, it also helps fight pest problems! Need more persuasion? Below we have our Top 5 Reasons To Use Nazareth Pallet Mulch!


  1. Improve Your Curb Appeal

Colored mulch can add beauty, depth, and dimension to any landscape. Rather than leaving soil exposed and bare, try adding colored mulch to create a beautiful touch to your landscape and spruce up your yard. Mulching adds vibrant colors and a manicured look to your garden or landscape, thus, adding to its curb appeal. It gives your lawn a finished and refined look by occupying the empty spaces, which also helps in making the maintenance an easier job.


  1. Our Mulch Can Prevent Weeds

Mulching flower beds will help to control weeds, 2-3″ is suggested depth, recommended by most gardeners/landscapers. The main goal for this depth of mulch is to prevent the sun from reaching the emerging weeds, this depth will control the growth of those that are just beginning and those that are waiting to break out! As a bonus perk, this amount of mulch can also preserve moisture so you do not have to constantly water your plants!


  1. Mulch Made Locally

What’s better than a product that’s made in the USA? A product made right here in the Lehigh Valley! When you purchase Nazareth Pallet mulch, you are supporting local businesses and helping keep jobs right here in your own community!


  1. Anti-Fade Material

Our mulch is available in black, brown, red, and uncolored so you can be confident that we have the perfect shade to coordinate with your landscaping color scheme. Best of all, Nazareth Pallet mulch won’t fade! There’s nothing worse than having to re-mulch half way through the season because your mulch has faded and lost its luster. Our superior coloring system ensures that your mulch will hold its beauty. Summer will fade, but our mulch won’t!


  1. Ultimate “Go Green” Mulch Product

As Pallet Recyclers, protecting the environment comes naturally to us and we are proud of our contribution to preserving wood as a renewable resource. We efficiently utilize our operations to help our community and environment by being Green. Every year we keep approximately 19,000 tons of scrap wood from going to landfill depositories or polluting the air by being burned. Here at Nazareth Pallet, not only are pallets reused repeatedly, we further reduce the waste by grinding pallets that can no longer be repaired, into mulch. Don’t worry, the nails from the pallets are recycled as well!


Want to see how our colored mulch is made?

Click the link below. Happy Mulching!



Pallets ARE Essential!

How Important is the Need for Pallet Companies to Remain Open During the COVID-19 Crisis?

How Essential are They?

Coronavirus has drastically and quickly converted from an epidemic to a pandemic disease. Due to the rapid spread of this virus, the global shipping market has experienced an unprecedented negative impact. Many worldwide and US companies are closed and others are working short weeks, meaning what they ship out every week has all but stopped. As a result, so has the need for pallets, or so one would think.

"Pallets still move the world."

This surely is a time of crisis and if preventive measures are not taken then we have to be ready to face some serious consequences of our own actions. The sanest thing for all businesses to do right now is to honorably adhere to the rules set up by the government.

However, some businesses can never stop functioning, like food, basic essentials providers and, most importantly, all the other industries providing medical equipment, masks, and other PPE equipment that has become so necessary in these times.

Well, here the importance of pallets speaks for itself. Pallets enable these products to be moved in bulk. And bulk means quickly. Public health is of utmost concern and providing necessary equipment to people all over the globe is essential for feeding them and saving lives.

Importance of Pallets During COVID-19:

As per the Department of Homeland Security (DHS): “If you work in the critical infrastructure industry such as healthcare services, pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

The federal government including the (DHS), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) further evaluated the critical infrastructure in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, and all agreed pallets are key in supporting a quick response to the pandemic.

All of the crucial industries are dependent on the pallets to get the supplies that are needed. Almost 2 billion pallets are used throughout the United States during regular days before the coronavirus took over. The total number of pallets now in circulation is likely higher and the need is more immediate.

The NWPCA made it clear, “The increase in demand for food, essential medicines, sanitizers and other critical items that are shipped on pallets is a clear demonstration of how important the pallet industry is at this time.”


The global supply chain has been badly disturbed due to COVID-19. and now we are all learning what is like to go without things we thought were necessary but really are not; some even being nothing more than luxuries. We now realize more than ever what is truly important; our families, our livelihood and our futures.

Nazareth Pallet is proud to have stepped up by keeping their operation going throughout this time. We have met the demand of every customer in need and will continue to do so. To accomplish this, we are ever grateful to all of our workers who stepped up and did the job in these trying times.

Its interesting, sometimes it takes a huge change to recognize the value of things we always just took for granted….Pallets

Nazareth Pallet to Sponsor 08/01/19 Iron Pigs Game

Nazareth Pallet is Sponsoring another Exciting Iron Pigs Game on August 1st!

While we had our Booth set up at the front of the Gate Entrance, we greeted
thousands of Iron Pigs fans as they entered! As families set foot in the stadium,
they all received red Coqui / Nazareth Pallet ball caps! Fans even stopped by
our booth and took pictures with our famous Palinator! They loved it! The Latin
music was terrific as well as the game itself!
During this upcoming Hispanic Heritage night on August 1st, the Iron Pigs players
will trade their standard home uniforms for Hispanic themed jerseys. After the
game, the jerseys will then be auctioned off to fans. Lucky winners will be taken
down to the field to have these jerseys signed by the players themselves! All of
the proceeds will go to Iron Pigs charities.
We will be there too, of course, with free Recyclable bags for all who stop by our
booth! If you’re looking for a great job with bonuses and benefits, we will have
employment applications for you to fill out!

See you there!

Nazareth Pallet Celebrates 35th Anniversary

When George Frack Jr’s. father, started Nazareth Pallet Co., 35 years ago, pallet recycling was a fairly new industry. George Jr. (then only 14) joined the company. He worked alongside his father and, over the years, learned firsthand all the ropes about running a business by doing literally every job there is to do within the company. Everything from repairing pallets to making sales calls to scheduling deliveries to making collections. He said he knew then he wanted to run a company and he quickly knew from the beginning that growing the business would require forward thinking to set them apart from the competition

“Today not only do we recycle and repair pallets we custom build pallets of all sizes and types using all recycled wood, combinations of new and recycled and of course, all new wood.” Frack says. “But we do much, much more.”

Nazareth Pallet operates as a (TPM), Total Pallet Management company. Whether repairing or building standard or odd-sized pallets or providing full, on-site pallet management programs, we deliver on our promise of personal service,” Many companies say they make service a priority but Frack’s unique approach is what really makes Nazareth Pallet Co. an industry leader.

“The difference in our service is really the people. Our people are really passionate about what they do here” Frack says.  "We regularly meet in group to discuss new accounts and their needs as well as constantly reviewing the needs of all our existing customers. We provide personal on- site sales service to immediately attend to any issues that may arise, sometimes even before the customer becomes aware."

"Our staff regularly take advantage of attending professional training seminars to further their skills. It's not just a job with them, it’s a career. Even our production crew is involved in 'crew reviews' that enable them to offer suggestions for improvement or how to increase and encourage team participation."

Frack says the amount of personal attention and the manner in which it’s delivered by management is, in part, what keeps our employees here long term. It’s the kind of attention that goes beyond simply providing good benefits. Small details like providing hot chocolate on cold days, or extra breaks, cold water, and ice pops on scorching summer days go a long way. A clean environment and a full-service canteen are at their disposal every day. They’re people, not a number!

“I must add that we offer better than average industry wages. I’m sure that’s also a big part of it too” he laughs.

Nazareth Pallet also creates a positive atmosphere by going beyond the expected during the holidays. “Who else in any business has an Easter egg hunt or a Halloween, Trick or Treat party for the guys?” Frack says. “They get a huge kick out of all these events.”

Employees are also rewarded with an Earned-Time-Off program and other financial incentives beyond their weekly bonuses such as Pallet Bucks, which can be used in vending machines for food, drinks, bus or gas discounts, and even work equipment. We like to say “The buck doesn’t stop here”.  The Bucks are awarded to employees who are seen carrying out acts of kindness or thoughtfulness toward another employee.

In addition to perks, employees are also assured their safety and wellness are taken seriously. Nazareth Pallet Co., employs a full-time safety manager, “which is pretty unusual,” in our industry according to Frack. Our manager not only works to insure their on-site safety, they also take interest in their personal health and wellbeing. They offer presentations on diet, nutrition, personal welfare and more. We have an in-house medical program which recognizes and addresses the kinds of muscle ailments expected from this type of work.

Nazareth Pallet Co. knows that attracting a diverse, talented team is what it takes to lift a company to the next level. Raising hiring wages and offering unparalleled perks and benefits does that.

The company also actively seeks out former military personnel and works with various second chance programs by bringing on work release candidates. “That has really worked well for us here” says Frack. We continue to add new employees constantly.  We use all of the social media platforms to engage potential accounts as well as potential employees. We are completely transparent in that regard and by doing so receive many unsolicited calls about jobs and requests for quotes. Our employees even use our sites to engage with each other even after hours.

Remember, this is a family owned and run company and we treat our employees as part of our growing family. We are here every day for them. That is extremely important to us as we expand our business, our future, and theirs, is quite bright.

Nazareth Pallet to Sponsor Iron Pigs Hispanic Heritage Night June 5, 2019 !


IronPigs  to  change identity  three games  this  season  to  celebrate  Hispanic  Heritage

The  Lehigh Valley  Coquis  will  take  the  field on  three  separate  occasions  this  season

(Allentown,  Pa)  –  The  Lehigh  Valley  IronPigs  will celebrate  Hispanic  Heritage  during  three  games at  Coca-Cola  Park  this  season.   The  Pigs’  Sunday,  April  28,  Wednesday,  June  5  and  Thursday, August  1  contests  will  be  Hispanic  Heritage  Celebrations  presented  by  La  Mega  Radio.

During  each  of those  three  games,  the  team  will  become  the  “Lehigh  Valley  Coquis.”   The  Coqui is  a  small frog  native  to  Puerto  Rico,  and  a national symbol  of  pride  for  Puerto  Ricans.

The  Coqui  is  a symbol  of  Puerto  Rican  heritage  (similar to  the  bald  eagle’s  status  in  the  United States).  Each  night  across  Puerto  Rico,  the  familiar mating  call  of  Coquis  can  be  heard.  The symbol  serves  to  better  connect  the  IronPigs  with  their  local  community  (approximately  80 percent of Allentown’s  Hispanic  population  and 90  percent  of Bethlehem’s  is  of  Puerto  Rican descent).  A  popular refrain  from  people  of  Puerto  Rican  descent  is  “Soy  de  aquí  como  el Coqui” which  roughly  translates  to  “I’m  from here  like  the  Coqui”  or  “I’m as  Puerto  Rican  as  a Coqui.”

The  local  community  reached  out  to  the  IronPigs  to voice  their  support of  the  “Coquis.”   Local artist,  Max  Meano  Torres  created  the  Coqui logo  and  marks  and  incorporated  both  IronPigs elements  as  well  as  traditional  elements  of  Puerto  Rico  including  the  amapola  flower.   In addition  to  the  new  logo  and identity,  the  Pigs  will  have  new  food,  music  and giveaways available  during  this  season’s  three  Hispanic  Heritage  contests.

Tickets  and  merchandise  for  the  three  games  are  available  for  purchase  at  CoquisBeisbol.com.  Kids  17  and  under  on  Sunday,  April  28  will  receive  “Coqui Frog  Socks”  presented  by  United States  Cold  Storage.   There  will be  a  “Coqui  Cap”  giveaway  for  kids  17  and  under  on Wednesday,  June  5  presented  by  Nazareth  Pallet.

The  IronPigs  will wear “Coquis”  caps  and  jerseys.   A jersey  auction  and  cap  raffle  both  take place  during  the  final  Hispanic  Heritage  game  (August 1).   Tickets  for  the  raffle  can  only  be purchased  at the  August  1  game.

“Coquis”  New  Era  Caps  and “Coquis”  style  t-shirts  are  available  for  purchase  at CoquisBeisbol.com  and  ShopIronPigs.com.

The  IronPigs  celebration  will include  Hispanic-themed music,  entertainment and  food  options.  Arroz  con  Gandules  and  Pernil  platters  will be  available  on  the  concourse,  as  well as  Chicken with Tostones,  Pinchos  de  Cerdo  and  Pollo,  Pastelillos,  Empanadillas  and  other  food  items.

The  IronPigs  are  one  of  72  minor league  teams  sporting  Hispanic  Heritage  caps  and  jerseys  this season.  According  to  the  U.S.  Census  Bureau,  nearly  one-quarter  of  the  Lehigh  Valley's population identifies  as  Hispanic  or  Latino.   Minor League  Baseball’s  U.S.  Hispanic/Latino  fan engagement  initiative,  “Copa de  la  Diversión”  established  an  innovative  new  platform authentically  connecting  MiLB  teams  with  their  diverse  communities,  embracing  the  culture and values  that resonate  most  with Hispanics/Latinos  nationwide.

Proceeds  from  the  jersey  auction  and  cap  raffle  will benefit  the  Fe  Foundation,  which  delivers educational  community  development  programs  of  the  Hispanic  Chamber of  Commerce  of  the Lehigh  Valley  and  IronPigs  Charities,  which  provides  educational and  recreational opportunities for Lehigh  Valley  youth.

The  2019  IronPigs  season is  the  team’s  12th as  the  top affiliate  for  the  Philadelphia Phillies  and 12th at  Coca-Cola Park.   Follow  the  IronPigs on Twitter  at  @IronPigs  and like  them  on Facebook via  www.facebook.com/LHVIronPigs.  

 The  2019 IronPigs  season  is  presented  by  Capital  BlueCross.


For Immediate  Release:  March  18,  2019
Contact  Info:  Michael  Ventola,  610-841-1317,  mventola@ironpigsbaseball.com


Is It Really Mold?

This article is reprinted with permission from our friends at National Wooden Pallet and Container Association. Originally published in March/April 2018 edition of Pallet Central - Written by Annie Montey

For many companies, discovering black discoloration on your wood packaging products can be troublesome. At first glance it might look like mold fungi, which are a great cause of concern regarding human health, but it might be something else entirely. There are types of fungi that grow on lumber called bluestain but they are not linked to human health concerns. Interestingly, there are also other types of naturally occurring defects in lumber that might look like mold but in fact are not biological. Before you “jump the gun” and ask your supplier to replace all your wood pallets with fresh ones, keep in mind there are many types of naturally occurring, non-biological defects that may look scary, but are not caused by microorganisms (fungi, bacteria, etc). Understanding the difference could save you time, money, and a great deal of worry. The report “Wood Discolourations & Their Preventions, with an Emphasis on Bluestain” discusses the different types of discoloration commonly found on wood products and how to identify them.

Iron Stain

Iron stain is considered the most common type of black stain found on wood products. According to the report, “it is caused by elemental iron reacting with phenolic chemicals in the wood to
form black iron tannates, or common black ink pigment.” In other words, if particles of iron are deposited on wood during railway transport or if steel wire, staples, or nails are in direct contact with wood and the wood becomes wet, the wood might become stained dark with iron. Even saw blades will sometimes cause these streaks.

Brown Stain or Zebra Stain

In western hemlock, a type of discoloration occurs only after the wood is dried in a kiln. Whereas the unaffected areas appear light yellow, affected areas appear dark brown, making for noticeable
differences in surface color variation. Below the surface of susceptible pieces, sometimes the brown stain will appear black after the wood is dried. This is known as zebra stain. Zebra stains happen when iron or manganese darkens the browning and makes it turn black.


Bluestain is the most common type of fungi found in wood products that is commonly confused with mold. Unlike mold fungi, bluestain is not linked to human health issues. Bluestain is not
airborne. Also, because the bluestain fungi do not digest the wood cell wall, they have minimal impact on the wood structural integrity. In other words, although it looks harmful, it will not decay the wood.

Sun Exposure

If your wood product is left outside and exposed to the sun, over time it will darken (like a sun tan) and may make the wood appear dirty or damaged. The impact of sun exposure causes a chemical change in the tannins of the wood that, over time, react to the sun’s exposure. If this happens to your wood packaging product, or other lumber product, it’s said to be “weathered.”

Enzymatic Discolorations

Red alder, oaks, beech, maples, and other hardwood species are commonly susceptible to enzymatic discoloration. This is the reaction of enzymes or polyphenolic compounds in living cells. This produces a grayish or brownish tone in sapwood.

Mineral Discolorations

Typically seen in the forms of dark lines or streaks in oak, green or brown patches in sugar maple, or purple to black areas in yellow poplar; mineral discoloration sometimes develops in standing or fallen trees in mineral rich soils. Preventing discolorations caused from iron stain and weathering are quite manageable. If you store wood products outdoors, keep them covered yet ventilated to prevent weathering. Also, keep your ferrous metals from having direct contact with lumber to prevent black ink stains. Other types of black stains and discolorations, like zebra stains, enzymatic discolorations or mineral discolorations, are naturally occurring and challenging to control.


GMA Pallets

GMA Pallets


Pallets are a product we tend to overlook in our day-to-day lives, and yet over 80% of all materials and equipment is transported, moved and even displayed using wooden pallets. If you are researching and preparing to use pallets for your own project, then it’s important to understand the different types and grades of pallets.  Most importantly, you need to be familiar with the industry standard of the pallet world—GMA pallets.


What is a GMA pallet?

GMA stands for the Grocery Manufacturers Association of America and refers to stringer pallets that adhere to the size and quality standards set in the association’s guidelines.  GMA pallets are always 48” x 40” with the stringers running the 48” length. All GMA pallets are built using three stringers to support three to five baseboards and five to seven top deck boards.  Finally, all GMA pallets are built with a four-way entry and flush mounted boards. While GMA pallets follow the same set of rules, they certainly are not all created equally!


GMA Pallet Grades

GMA pallets come in four distinct grades. Premium Grade A Pallets are the cleanest option and won’t include any block or metal repairs to stringers or have colored or painted stringers. These pallets are entirely or mostly clean of paint or markings. Being of the highest quality, these pallets are most typically used in retail, where they can be seen by consumers as part of store displays. Grade A Pallets are the next grade and are typically used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. They adhere to the same guidelines as all GMA pallets but may have a single metal repair plate per stringer to strengthen splits. Other blemishes such as minor cracks, chips, and some visible paint markings are acceptable. Premium Grade B is still a great pallet option that will provide cost savings without sacrificing quality. These pallets will have only one repair on any one stringer, never more and will have fewer transfer cycles than a Grade B. They are allowed to have paint and other markings on the stringers. Grade B is the lowest grade of GMA pallet and as such are much less expensive than their Grade A counterparts. These pallets are typically used for warehousing and shipping. Chips, partial split boards, repaired stringers and paint markings are all standard on Grade B pallets.

It’s important to understand the different grades of GMA pallets in order to make the best choice for your needs. Regardless of grade, if your pallets are GMA standardized, you’ll have an easier time coordinating shipping with different partners.