Colored Mulch – Is It Safe??

Chances are good that you have seen many properties landscaped with attractive red, brown, or black mulch. These are mulches made from chipped hardwood that has been through a dyeing process. While natural, uncolored mulch may look nice and brown right after it has been spread, it has a tendency to fade to a dull gray color, sometimes just mere months after it has been applied. When colored mulch is used instead, the color stays strong for a much longer period of time, continuing to accent the colors of your home and flowerbeds and giving everything a decorative “pop” that helps it to stand out from the rest – year after year.

But is it SAFE for your kids, pets, and plants?????

As society becomes more and more environmentally aware, people have increasingly wondered about the safety of colored mulch products.

Safety flooring at playgrounds is vital to help prevent injuries for the children who use the equipment. Imagine a child losing his/her grip on a jungle grip or trying to jump from a swing while it is high in the air! Sand is good at softening a fall, but playground mulch is significantly better at absorbing the impact.

Nazareth Pallet colored mulch is extremely safe and does not harm the environment in any way. Pallet mulch can significantly reduce injuries and allow homeowners to feel comfortable letting their children and pets play without worries. Pallet mulch has increased durability when compared to other products, and, with a lifespan of 20 years, does not require any high maintenance costs.

There are also many questions concerning the environmental safety of the dyes used in the coloring process. Colored mulches aren’t only safe for your children and pets, they are actually beneficial for your plants and garden. Mulch prevents the growth of weeds, which in turn helps to keep the plants in your yard and garden growing faster, looking healthier, and producing more flowers and vegetables. Our mulch colorants are vegetable based-dyes, which makes the mulch coloring harmless to plants, as well as children and pets who are walking in and playing around it.

In conclusion, colored pallet mulch is a great way to keep your property looking great, while maintaining the safety of your plants, pets, and family. We have multiple colors of mulch available at Nazareth Pallet for all of your landscaping needs. Call us today at 610.262.9799 for more information!