Is the deal too good to be true? Probably.

In the pallet industry, there is a common pattern that occurs every three to five years. The cycle typically looks something like this: pallet inventory soars leading to lower prices, and then pallet inventory decreases and prices rise once again.

When presented with the opportunity to decrease prices by using a different supplier, customers might be tempted by the idea. When faced with these decisions, we encourage the buyer to beware. Competition is good, but more often than not, the deal that sounds too good to be true, probably is. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Quality customer service CAN be impersonated

When pallet inventory is high, it is easy for for competitors to promise the world to their customers. They will promise quality, but eventually, their inventory will run out and they will no longer be able to deliver.

Nazareth Pallet customers know that our customer service standards do not falter with the changing “weather” of the pallet industry. They know that they can rely on us to provide the high-quality inventory they need in a timely manner, no matter what!

Prices will fluctuate

The nature of the pallet industry is such that the prices fluctuate based on inventory. When inventory is up, some pallet suppliers seek out customers who are greedy for the best price. As prices rise, these suppliers are known to increase prices without notice or explanation.

At Nazareth Pallet, customers can rest assured that they will be offered the best prices based on industry standards. The moment we see an opportunity to decrease prices, we are sure to proactively inform our clients. And when we see that industry prices will be rising, we inform all of our clients—in person.

Loyal customers always come first at Nazareth Pallet

Customers who choose to seize the deal and move away from a long-term, reliable supplier like Nazareth Pallet based on short-term low pricing should remember that their shoes will likely be filled by another customer soon after they leave.

What does this mean for the customer that has “jumped ship” to seize the deal? This means that their original, reliable supplier may not have the capacity to assist them in the future when they become unhappy with their new supplier. Nazareth Pallet’s loyal customers know they can rely on us in both good times and in bad.