How pallet wood mulch is made

What exactly is mulch and why do people use it? Simply put, mulch is a protective covering made of organic material (such as compost, peat, straw, sawdust or small pieces of wood).

It’s normally spread over the ground around plants, small trees, or in a garden to help prevent soil erosion, enrich the soil, reduce evaporation, maintain even soil temperature, and prevent weeds from growing.

Mulch can be made from many kinds of materials, including: compost, peat, straw, cocoa beans, rubber, newspaper, rocks, and some plastics. The most popular mulches used for landscaping come from wood chips, ground bark, and ground wood pallets.

As a pallet recycling company that’s what we produce: wood mulch produced from ground up pallets. Nazareth Pallet recycles pallets that can no longer be repaired. 

How we turn pallets into mulch

We use a piece of heavy machinery known as a “tub grinder” to do the dirty work! This tub grinder can grind up to 300lbs of pallets and scrap wood at a time into top quality raw mulch!

Any nails inside the tub grinder are separated using powerful magnets, so only the ground wood reaches the mulch pile. We are so efficient that we recycle the nails too!

How we color the mulch and the benefits of coloring

Colored mulch is getting more and more in demand these days, and Nazareth pallet offers the  3 most popular colors: brown, black and red.

We use a special colorant machine to color our mulch. There is a mixing chamber inside the colorant machine, where a blend of non-toxic colorants and water are injected and completely saturate the wood.

This is a highly regulated process to ensure deep colors and full saturation.

Once produced, the newly colored piles are left to dry for a minimum of 3 days to ensure maximum drying time.

Because of the low moisture content of the wood we use (generated from pallets and scrap wood) our pallet mulch absorbs a deeper saturation of the color so the colors last much longer than most of the other materials used to produce colored mulch.

Nazareth Pallet is a green company!

As Pallet Recyclers, protecting the environment comes naturally to us and we are proud of our contribution to preserving wood as a renewable resource. We efficiently utilize our operations to help our community and environment by being Green.

Every year we keep approximately 19,000 tons of scrap wood from going to landfill depositories or polluting the air by being burned.

See the grinder in action