Introducing…Palinator! A TINY van on a mission

A few months ago we introduced you to the newest member of our fleet, the Nazareth Pallet Company Tiny Van. But as cool as the new tiny van was in it’s original form, we felt it needed something more to really stand out around here. It needed a name. It needed an image. It got both!

The TINY van before the makeover

It did the job, chauffeuring our key staff back and forth between multiple office locations and factory guests on grounds tours, but we felt the van needed a little confidence boost. So, we turned to our trusty Facebook fans to help us come up with a name. They didn’t disappoint. We received hundreds of name entries!


The Palinator comes alive

After sorting through hundreds of name entries and narrowing the list down to our top 5, we once again turned the reigns over to our fans to select the winning tiny van name. And Palinator won the vote by a landslide!

Once we had the name, it was time to work on the concept for the van wrap. Our team put our heads together and voila!

The Nazareth Pallet Palinator

Nazareth Pallet Palinator 2

Nazareth Pallet Palinator 3

What do you think? Have you noticed a few “secret” details?

The black and white checkered band looks like a real taxi design, but if you look closely you will see it’s a design made from pallets!

The Palinator is even wearing a gold pallet belt buckle. And, did you notice the Nazareth Pallet emblem on his chest?

We even added cool new wheel covers and a taxi light!

A few other Palinator facts

  • Right-hand-drive, 1999 Mitsubishi minicab van (we keep getting in the wrong side)
  • 4-wheel drive (great for shooting up the hill between offices, even in the snow)
  • 5-speed manual transmission (we may never get out of 4th)
  • Exterior length at 11.138 feet (a VW van is longer)
  • Exterior width at 4.839 feet (a Smart car is 5’5”)
  • Exterior height at 5.856 feet (yeah, but a 6 footer can drive it)
  • Seats 4 and a set of golf clubs (how did they do that?)
  • 10.56 gallon fuel tank (no fueling, we’re serious!)

Be on the lookout for the Palinator in area parades, ArtsQuest events and other community happenings around the Lehigh Valley. Don’t worry, photo ops are totally free. Well, at least until this local celebrity is picked up by an agent!

Wonder how many people the Palinator can hold? Keep your eye out for an upcoming video that will provide the answer. You will be surprised!