We launched a new, mobile-first website

They say that great things come to those who wait, and that has definitely proven to be true with our website redesign project. We had a vision of building an innovative site – one that would serve as the foundation of our social media efforts – with mobile-first technology.

We took the time to get it right and we think we knocked it out of the ballpark. But what really matters is what you think. Here’s what’s new.

First, a little story about what we learned

Rewriting and redesigning a website from the ground up is a lot of work! But the end result was well worth the effort of our entire team because we now have a site that delivers a great user experience for our website visitors.

We hope you agree, and would love to hear your thoughts on the overall site and the features mentioned below.

Some of our goals

A few of our goals with the new website were to make it more organized, easier to navigate for visitors, easier for us to manage/update, and cooler looking than any other pallet recycling company website out there.

Most of all, we wanted to help our clients get to know us better and we wanted to offer tools to make doing business with us easier.

A few highlights

  1. Mobile-first design

Try the new Nazareth Pallet website on your tablet or smartphone…The website’s mobile-first design means that it works great on every screen, large and small.

We launched a new, mobile-first website

  1. Intuitive, mobile friendly forms

From requesting a pallet quote, to applying for a job – we’ve got you covered. When creating our new forms, our goal was to provide our clients the ability to do more self-service – if they chose to do so. Our intuitive, mobile-friendly forms will walk you through every action and a member of our friendly team will reach out to you to confirm and take care of your request.

We launched a new, mobile-first website

  1. Lots of behind-the-scenes photos

At Nazareth Pallet, our doors are always open. You can stop by our facility anytime to view firsthand the size of our operation, see what inventory we have on hand, see how well organized we are, peek at our equipment and observe the professionalism of our employees.

But in case you can’t make it to our facility in person, we’ve included lots of behind-the-scenes photos here so that you can take a virtual tour!

We launched a new, mobile-first website

We’ll be featuring the new site over the next few weeks on social media, so feel free to like us on Facebook and follow us on LinkedIn. You can use the hashtag #NazPalNewLook to get in on the conversation.

So what do you think about the new site?