Make your own pallet Christmas trees

Our Logistics & Sales Coordinator, Tanya Ahner, came up with a great project to help you spice up your Christmas decor with whimsical, Eco-friendly Pallet Christmas Trees!

Here are quick how-to instructions:


  • Colored paint
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Various recycled pallet boards (for trunk and branches)
  • Decorations (garland/ornaments/bow/etc.)


  • Paint trunk and branches (let dry)
  • Nail branches to trunk (space as needed)
  • Lay out decorations and staple gun fast (can also hot glue)


  • If you’re feeling super festive, you can also add a string of lights if you have outlet access!!!

This fun project took Tanya about an hour and a half to complete (including drying time). It’s a great project to try with the whole family!