Nazareth Pallet Co. Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Reprinted from Lehigh Valley Business magazine:


WHEN GEORGE FRACK JR.’S FATHER started  Nazareth Pallet Co. 35 years ago, pallet recycling was a fairly new industry. At age 14, George Jr. joined the company, learning the ropes by doing every job in the company. From the start, the key to being successful was clear: treat your employees and customers the way you want to be treated.

“Our continued success comes from our people,” said Frack. “They’re passionate about what they do.”

The amount of personal managerial attention is, in part, what keeps employees long term, added Frack. Beyond good benefits, small details like providing hot chocolate on cold days, extra breaks, and cold water and ice pops on scorching summer days go a long way. A full-service canteen is also at their disposal every day.

“I must add that we offer better than average industry wages. I’m sure that’s also a big part of it, too,” joked Frack.

Nazareth Pallet also creates a positive atmosphere by going beyond the expected during the holidays. “Who else in any business has an Easter egg hunt or a Halloween Trick or Treat party for the guys,” said Frack. “They get a huge kick out of all these events.”

Employees are also rewarded with an Earned-Time-Off program and other financial incentives beyond their weekly bonuses. Pallet Bucks can be used in vending machines, for

food and drinks, bus or gas discounts, and even work equipment. These bucks are awarded to employees who are seen carrying out acts of kindness or thoughtfulness toward another employee.

Additionally, employees are assured their safety and wellness are taken seriously. Nazareth Pallet Co. employs a full-time safety manager, “which is pretty unusual in our industry,” said Frack. The manager not only works to insure their on-site safety, she also takes interest in their personal health and well being by offering presentations on diet, nutrition, personal welfare and more. An in-house medical program also addresses muscle ailments that can be expected from this type of work.

The company uses social media platforms to engage potential accounts, as well as potential employees. “We are completely transparent in that regard,” said Frack. “And by doing so, receive many unsolicited calls about jobs and requests for quotes.”

Nazareth Pallet also seeks former military personnel and works with various second chance programs by bringing on work release candidates. “That has really worked well for us,” added Frack. As a result, the company is continually adding new employees.

“Our people are extremely important to us as we expand our business,” said Frack. “To us, they’re people, not a number!”