Nazareth Pallet Meets Technology

Say hello to our IRON GIANT! This robotic pallet dismantler is one of our recent additions to the facility expansion. Produced by Alliance Automation, this piece of equipment can dismantle damaged pallets for recycling – replacing a labor-intensive job, ensuring a safer environment for pallet recyclers and large-volume logistics operations.



This is capable of dismantling pallets from 30 x 30 up to 60 x 60 inches, helping keep production consistent day after day.


Did you know? This robotic system can fully dismantle a wooden pallet within 30 seconds! This allows us to reclaim planks and rebuild damaged pallets more efficiently. This is just the first installment of Alliance Automation to come… At Nazareth Pallet, we are always ahead of the game.


Click our Youtube video below to see the Iron Giant in action!