Nazareth Pallet named a top 100 private company by Lehigh Valley Business

Nazareth Pallet was recently named one of the top private companies in the Lehigh Valley, proudly taking the number forty spot on the list. This list is specifically designed to showcase the most prominent businesses in the Lehigh Valley that are privately held, ranking them based on 2013 reported revenues.

In an excerpt from a recent interview with Lehigh Valley Business, Nazareth Pallet President George Frack offers insight into how the company became a leader in the pallet recycling and upcycling industry. Let’s take a look!

How long has Nazareth Pallet Co. been operating in the Lehigh Valley and what are its primary services?

We just celebrated our 30th year in business anniversary this past May. Not an easy task for any company. Our primary services are the delivery and/or removal of recycled wood pallets which includes all the grades of standard size pallets, custom sizes and shapes as well as heat treating pallets for export.

We are one of the few companies who can offer on-site pallet inventory management programs. This eliminates the customer’s needs or concerns about having to control the flow of their pallet inventory. “We do it all’ for them from product delivery, to on-site inventory control, to scrap removal;  which can include spot trailers which help to free up their own floor space.  This way they can concentrate on their business and let the pro’s handle the pallets.

Full scrap removal services are not just limited to pallets. They can include corrugate, paper and plastics which reduces or eliminates the customer’s handling and expenses for ridding themselves of these materials.  We can also provide custom built crates for in-store display or shipment.

What have been some of the biggest hardships and opportunities Nazareth Pallet has encountered throughout its years in business?

In the past the pallet industry was plagued with unprofessional pallet businesses. In recognition of this we made it a part of our mission statement that we would always and only operate with our customer’s best interest in mind. This means service above all else, reasonable prices and better than average pallet quality. Notice I did not say superior as that is a somewhat difficult goal to reach for pallet recyclers. Others may make the claim but it is an exaggeration.  When we hand-make a pallet from scratch, even if we are using reclaimed lumber, we then feel we can use the word superior as we always go out of our way to make the pallet to the exact specifications of our customer.

What are some of the perks and benefits of being a family owned business?

Complete trust and faith in each other – knowing we always have each other’s back. My two brothers and I each specialize in managing certain parts of the business, but we always think along the same lines as we all have the same goals and interests. There are no concerns about having to play “business political” games leaving us fully open to spend our time taking actions rather than defending them.

How does Nazareth Pallet directly stimulate the local economy?

We employ over 130 people and their families, participate in many area charitable events and we pay our fair share of taxes to the local government. We purposely always try to hire locally so even our employees’ paychecks are used within our community.  Naturally the extension of that is to buy locally too. As a company we consume a lot of materials to keep our operation running and always look locally first to spend our money.  Our families all live in the surrounding areas and our children attend area schools thus we contribute to the local economy in that way as well. We proudly sponsor both the Iron Pigs and Phantoms teams.

What does the future look like for Nazareth Pallet? Does it have plans for growth?

Nazareth Pallet has witnessed the rapid warehouse growth in the Lehigh Valley and has been successful by acquiring new accounts via word of mouth and actively pursuing those other newcomer businesses early on in their development. We continue our expansion into other markets such as manufacturing and major retail chains, all of whom have an increasing need for pallet services.

To be able to service the additional customers without interrupting service to our existing clients we have invested significantly in additional equipment, personnel and inventory.  We now have over 130 people employed, well over 250 trailers, double the loading docks we had  just a few years ago and are not done yet.  We recently embarked upon an aggressive advertising campaign to expand on the fact that everyone says “Oh yeah, we see your trailers everywhere!”  You can now find even more about us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and our new informational website.