Pallets ARE Essential!

How Important is the Need for Pallet Companies to Remain Open During the COVID-19 Crisis?

How Essential are They?

Coronavirus has drastically and quickly converted from an epidemic to a pandemic disease. Due to the rapid spread of this virus, the global shipping market has experienced an unprecedented negative impact. Many worldwide and US companies are closed and others are working short weeks, meaning what they ship out every week has all but stopped. As a result, so has the need for pallets, or so one would think.

Pallets still move the world.”

This surely is a time of crisis and if preventive measures are not taken then we have to be ready to face some serious consequences of our own actions. The sanest thing for all businesses to do right now is to honorably adhere to the rules set up by the government.

However, some businesses can never stop functioning, like food, basic essentials providers and, most importantly, all the other industries providing medical equipment, masks, and other PPE equipment that has become so necessary in these times.

Well, here the importance of pallets speaks for itself. Pallets enable these products to be moved in bulk. And bulk means quickly. Public health is of utmost concern and providing necessary equipment to people all over the globe is essential for feeding them and saving lives.

Importance of Pallets During COVID-19:

As per the Department of Homeland Security (DHS): “If you work in the critical infrastructure industry such as healthcare services, pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

The federal government including the (DHS), Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) further evaluated the critical infrastructure in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, and all agreed pallets are key in supporting a quick response to the pandemic.

All of the crucial industries are dependent on the pallets to get the supplies that are needed. Almost 2 billion pallets are used throughout the United States during regular days before the coronavirus took over. The total number of pallets now in circulation is likely higher and the need is more immediate.

The NWPCA made it clear, “The increase in demand for food, essential medicines, sanitizers and other critical items that are shipped on pallets is a clear demonstration of how important the pallet industry is at this time.”


The global supply chain has been badly disturbed due to COVID-19. and now we are all learning what is like to go without things we thought were necessary but really are not; some even being nothing more than luxuries. We now realize more than ever what is truly important; our families, our livelihood and our futures.

Nazareth Pallet is proud to have stepped up by keeping their operation going throughout this time. We have met the demand of every customer in need and will continue to do so. To accomplish this, we are ever grateful to all of our workers who stepped up and did the job in these trying times.

Its interesting, sometimes it takes a huge change to recognize the value of things we always just took for granted….Pallets