Nazareth Pallets Are Always in Stock

We always have what you need in the volumes you need! Either we have the recycled pallets already in stock or we will build them to meet your needs. We can even supply an uninterrupted pallet supply during your peak times. No need to look elsewhere! We’re able to do this because of our strong relationships with large raw materials suppliers and our expansive, and still expanding, facility which enables us to stock inventory during off peak times so we can meet your demand during peak times.

Pallets come in a wide variety of
sizes, Grades and shapes.

How to Spec a Pallet

We’re an on-time supplier.
With over 300 trailers in our fleet, we can deliver pallets to you when you need them, on the date and at the time you specify.

Pallet Services


Custom Pallet Design

With state-of-the-art, computer generated design software, Nazareth Pallet can hand-build pallets to your exact specifications using all recycled wood or a combination of new and recycled woods. Each one of your custom pallets is built the exact same way so you’ll never worry about your equipment jamming because one pallet might be out of spec.

For large accounts requiring very high volumes, our NEW automated machine can produce those quantities twice as fast – enabling us to deliver the loads in the shortest time possible…and to the same high spec as any hand built custom pallet!

Important to know: All of our pallets are built using nails which are stronger and more secure than staples.

Pallet Identification

If you buy multiple lengths with same size widths or different grades of the same size pallet, you can use our color coding system (color striping) to easily identify them in your warehouse. We can also stencil your pallet with any marking you require for easy identification and inventory control.


24-Hour Delivery Turnaround

Because we understand that business is sometimes unpredictable and you may have last minute needs, we make sure our trucks can be at your location for pickup or delivery within 24hrs of receiving your call! We do this anytime, every time.

Introducing the
Combo/Reman Pallet

Better quality. Better price.
The best of both worlds, pallets built with new and recycled wood.
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