Safety first and foremost is the name of the game at Nazareth Pallet

At Nazareth Pallet, we take the safety of every single employee very seriously. Just ask our Safety Manager, Wendy Keim, who is constantly walking the entire plant looking for ways to improve worker safety. She even works the night shift on a regular schedule to ensure ALL the employees are being monitored and assisted as needed. But Wendy’s efforts don’t stop at workplace safety improvements. Since joining the company a few months ago she has helped to implement a number of new programs to improve employee health, mental well-being and attitude.

According to Wendy, safety is about more than just safety gear. She likes to consider the big picture.

An overview of our safety program

1. It starts with a well-thought-out and detailed safety program based on proactive personnel training and development programs.

Before new employees start their position, they are shown a series of videos followed by discussions. These videos include OSHA topics as well as detailed demonstrations for the safe operation of the job-specific machinery they will be working on.

2. Employees are next assigned to an accredited trainer who mentors them on proper operation of the equipment they will be working with.

The accredited trainer will stay with the employees until it’s certain that each new employee knows how to safely operate their new piece of equipment. Follow up performance evaluations are completed several times during each employee’s first few weeks to ensure all operations and procedures are followed.

3. Careful thought goes into workstation safety for each employee in every department.

Things like making sure there is enough space for employees to move around safely and having proper ceiling height in their work area. All machinery is equipped with safety guards. No stone is left unturned as careful consideration also means the use of suspension systems for nail guns, and high density plastic protective cuffs for employees in the saw room.

4. Wearing of safety gear is strictly enforced, every day.

Hearing protection, safety glasses, work gloves, back and wrist supports and protective breathing gear are also available to all employees. To alert of possible dangers and act as general reminders, there are safety signs everywhere in three different languages. There are now several new TV monitors strategically placed which consistently run a changing variety of daily safety reminders.

Employees are also educated to understand that what they wear, how they walk, how they act around others and how they think are also important in keeping them from getting hurt. They are also taught to clean up as they go, and speeding is never tolerated with forklifts or any other equipment.

No stone is left unturned.

New suspension systems for all the nail guns were recently installed to reduce fatigue and increase user safety. Each day before each shift begins the workers participate in a series of stretching exercises to limber them up. It really works!

See Nazareth Pallet’s commitment to safety in action