The Importance of Safety in Warehouse Management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17 warehouse workers died on the job in 2013. The companies that employed these workers can face scrutiny from organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Even small issues of mismanagement can result in hefty fines. Of course, warehouse safety isn’t just about following the law. Employers also have a responsibility to create safe environments for their employees.

Given the obvious importance of safety in warehouse management, your company may want to use the following guidelines to provide secure workplaces for all employees.

Create a Drug-Free Workplace

Employees who use drugs are over three times more likely to have accidents at work than those who do not partake, putting themselves and others in danger. That’s why creating a drug-free workplace is an important step toward protecting all of your employees.

Drugs tests are one of the most effective ways to prevent drug use at work. To help build a drug-free workplace policy, you should consider using five-panel or ten-panel drug tests. Most companies prefer the five-panel test screen because it is less expensive and catches the most commonly abused substances, including marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, and phencyclidine (PHP).

Provide Safety Training

Good warehouse management helps prevent safety problems by giving employees adequate training. The specific training topics that you cover will depend on what types of items or chemicals are kept in your warehouses. Some basic issues usually include how to use safety gear (gloves, protective glasses, etc.), where emergency equipment like fire extinguishers and eye washing stations are located, and how to properly operate the machines and equipment used in the warehouse. Businesses can also partner with local medical personnel to provide additional training.

At Nazareth Pallet Company, we recently hosted our annual safety meeting. This year’s meeting was focused on CPR/First aid safety, drug-free workplace, and working as a team. In addition to the meeting, we had fire drills, re-certs in each area, a review of first aid procedures, and a few other programs. We were also able to invite a few visitors to join us for the annual event:The Mayor, local Police and local emergency medical services who gave CPR and first aid demonstrations. It was a great event.

Build a Healthy Workplace Environment

Warehouses should become actively involved in building a healthy workplace environment. Companies that are starting new safety programs can use OSHA’s standards as guidelines. The organization says that some of its most frequent citations involve forklifts, respiratory protection, portable fire extinguishers, and electrical system design and wiring methods. For good warehouse safety, you must address these issues before they put someone in danger. OSHA knows that these topics are problematic for many companies, so its agents pay close attention to how they’re followed.

Safety in warehouse management can protect the health and lives of employees. By taking the right precautions, your company can help prevent illness and injury, and become a safe and healthy workplace.