Top 5 Creative Ways To Recycle Wooden Pallets

Top 5 Creative Ways to Recycle Wooden Pallets


When you think of pallets (new or recycled), you may think boring or not-so-attractive wooden “platforms” that are often found in warehousing or distribution centers… However, there is so much more to these wooden structures – all you need is a little creativity! Here are some fun pallet project ideas that anyone can do.




A headboard made from reclaimed wooden pallets adds true character to any bedroom. These headboards can be as intricate or as casual as you prefer, but the technique is the same. Be sure to sand the headboard before you stain or paint it, so you don’t have any splinters or rough edges near your head when you sleep.


Raised Garden Bed:

Avid gardeners are fans of the raised garden bed. Wooden pallets are perfect for your garden landscape this Spring! You just need to construct large boxes on the ground, add some prepared soil, plant your favorite veggies and voilà! You have yourself a raised garden bed made out of recycled pallets. Not only do you have a green thumb, but you’re also going green!


Deck Storage:

Everyone could use some extra storage outside. Make an easy wooden box for your deck to store away garden tools, pool supplies, or toys.


Art Canvas:

Why spend extra money on canvases when a wooden pallet will do the trick? Pallets can provide a touch of rustic flair to your sophisticated art piece. To use a pallet as a canvas, simply dismantle the pallet and reattach the slats together. Cut it to your preferred size and you’re ready to go!


Dog House:

What dog wouldn’t love a beautiful house made from recycled pallets? This can be a quick one-day project made from pallets and a piece of scrap tin for the roof. You don’t have to be a pro at crafts to be able to create these fun projects!



Using a little ingenuity and a lot of creativity, you can build something fun and beautiful while doing your part to save the planet. Good luck!