Top 5 Reasons to Use Nazareth Pallet Mulch

Top 5 Reasons to Use Nazareth Pallet Mulch


Spring is just around the corner, and March 12th is the day to participate in National Plant a Flower Day! Did you know that mulched gardens are healthier and more drought resistant than un-mulched gardens? Mulches can help reduce water use by as much as 50%, improve the quality of soil, and prevent weeds. So not only will you be spending less time watering, it also helps fight pest problems! Need more persuasion? Below we have our Top 5 Reasons To Use Nazareth Pallet Mulch!


  1. Improve Your Curb Appeal

Colored mulch can add beauty, depth, and dimension to any landscape. Rather than leaving soil exposed and bare, try adding colored mulch to create a beautiful touch to your landscape and spruce up your yard. Mulching adds vibrant colors and a manicured look to your garden or landscape, thus, adding to its curb appeal. It gives your lawn a finished and refined look by occupying the empty spaces, which also helps in making the maintenance an easier job.


  1. Our Mulch Can Prevent Weeds

Mulching flower beds will help to control weeds, 2-3″ is suggested depth, recommended by most gardeners/landscapers. The main goal for this depth of mulch is to prevent the sun from reaching the emerging weeds, this depth will control the growth of those that are just beginning and those that are waiting to break out! As a bonus perk, this amount of mulch can also preserve moisture so you do not have to constantly water your plants!


  1. Mulch Made Locally

What’s better than a product that’s made in the USA? A product made right here in the Lehigh Valley! When you purchase Nazareth Pallet mulch, you are supporting local businesses and helping keep jobs right here in your own community!


  1. Anti-Fade Material

Our mulch is available in black, brown, red, and uncolored so you can be confident that we have the perfect shade to coordinate with your landscaping color scheme. Best of all, Nazareth Pallet mulch won’t fade! There’s nothing worse than having to re-mulch half way through the season because your mulch has faded and lost its luster. Our superior coloring system ensures that your mulch will hold its beauty. Summer will fade, but our mulch won’t!


  1. Ultimate “Go Green” Mulch Product

As Pallet Recyclers, protecting the environment comes naturally to us and we are proud of our contribution to preserving wood as a renewable resource. We efficiently utilize our operations to help our community and environment by being Green. Every year we keep approximately 19,000 tons of scrap wood from going to landfill depositories or polluting the air by being burned. Here at Nazareth Pallet, not only are pallets reused repeatedly, we further reduce the waste by grinding pallets that can no longer be repaired, into mulch. Don’t worry, the nails from the pallets are recycled as well!


Want to see how our colored mulch is made?

Click the link below. Happy Mulching!