Top Ten Reasons You Should be Using Nazareth Pallet Mulch

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Using Nazareth Pallet Mulch

At the first signs of spring, everyone’s minds begin to turn towards their spring landscaping plans. After being cooped up in the house all winter, it’s refreshing to finally begin to think about breaking out of the house and spending some time in the yard! Ideas begin to form about which flowers and vegetables should be planted for the season along with what to do to make your property stand out among the rest. Well, here is the tip you have been waiting for! After reading this blog, you will be one step ahead of your neighbors! Why? You’ll will be armed with the secret weapon you need to need to know about in order to make your property shine – mulch from Nazareth Pallet Co.! Here are the top ten reasons you need to know about right now!

  1. Other mulches can actually cause weeds!! Ours won’t!

Sure, there are other places to buy mulch besides Nazareth Pallet. Heck, some cities and townships even provide it to their residents for free. The problem is you never know exactly what that mulch was made from. Some mulch companies grind up any wood they can get their hands on. Even worse, many towns that sell or give away mulch take the yard waste their residents drop off and use that as their main ingredient. I’m sure you can imagine what will happen to your garden if you are using mulch made from ground up weeds. You guessed it! More weeds! Not only will you spend your summer pulling weed after weed you thought your mulch layer would prevent, you may even begin to notice some slime or mold growth beginning to form. That’s what happens when other companies grind up green wood. It starts to decompose – in YOUR flowerbeds! This won’t happen with mulch from Nazareth Pallet. Why? Because our mulch is made exclusively from 100% recycled pallet wood. That’s right – 100%!!! Have you ever seen a weed growing out of a pallet? I didn’t think so. You will never have to worry about where your mulch came from, or what was used to make it. Best of all, you will no longer have to worry that your mulch might actually be the cause of your weeds!


  1. Nazareth Pallet mulch can save you time and energy!

When you buy your mulch from Nazareth Pallet, you can take all that time and energy you used to use pulling weeds to actually do something that you love! Also, why waste a day driving back and forth to your local garden center to load bag after heavy bag of expensive mulch? Just swing by our location at 800 Held Dr., Northampton, PA with your pick-up (or your neighbor’s pick-up – just be sure to ask first!) and we’ll do all the loading for you! Your back will thank us!


  1. Superior quality

Our state-of-the-art mulching equipment provides the quality of triple ground mulch. No more giant chunks or messy clumps of inferior mulch to make your masterpiece look messy!


  1. Earth friendly colorants

All of our mulch dyes are purchased with the environment in mind. You can rest assured that everything that goes into our mulch is environmentally friendly and won’t harm Mother Earth.


  1. Made locally right here in the Lehigh Valley

What’s better than a product that’s made in the USA? A product made right here in the Lehigh Valley! When you use Nazareth Pallet mulch, you help to support local business and help keep jobs right here in your own backyard!


  1. Prevent soil erosion – naturally!

Bothered by that pesky incline on your property that seems to wash away a little more every time it rains? Sick and tired of watching your dirt slide into places it doesn’t belong? Solve the problem with pallet mulch! Nazareth Pallet mulch helps to absorb the excess moisture and keep your soil where you want it. Use that time you’ll save by not having to clean up every storm to do something you can actually enjoy!


  1. Nazareth Pallet mulch is the ultimate “Go Green” product!

Pallets make the world go ‘round. 95% of the world’s goods are shipped on pallets. At Nazareth Pallet, we recycle hundreds of thousands of pallets every year – removing bad wood from used pallets and replacing boards so that the pallets can be reused. Eventually, some pallets are worn beyond repair. Our wood never ends up in a burn pit polluting the air or in a landfill wasting valuable space! At Nazareth Pallet, we take that wood and turn it into the highest quality mulch – the ultimate in recycling! Large magnets catch the metal pallet nails during the grinding process, and then those nails get recycled, too!


  1. Ramp up your curb appeal game

Everyone wants their home to look fabulous, after all, that’s one of the reasons we plant all those trees, shrubs, flowers, and veggies to begin with! Adding luxurious, rich, colored Nazareth Pallet mulch to your landscaping provides that polished touch that makes it stand out from the rest!


  1. Our colors won’t fade!

Our mulch is available in Intoxication Black, Inspiration Brown, and Million Dollar Red, as well as uncolored, so you can be confident that we have the perfect shade to coordinate with your landscaping color scheme. Best of all, Nazareth Pallet mulch won’t fade! There’s nothing worse than having to remulch half way through the season because your mulch has faded and lost its luster. Our superior coloring system ensures that your mulch will hold its beauty. Summer will eventually fade, but your mulch sure won’t!


  1. Conserve Natural Resources

A generous layer of Nazareth Pallet mulch will help prevent soil evaporation, which keeps more moisture in the ground. Not only will you save even more time and energy by not having to haul out the hose as often, you will also be helping to conserve one of our planet’s most precious and valuable resources, water, as a result! Bonus: The worms living below the surface that provide valuable aeration for your soil, will thank you for all the extra moisture, too!

Now that you’ve heard all of the great reasons to use pallet mulch, what are you waiting for? Stop by our facility at 800 Held Dr. in Northampton (right behind the Redner’s) and pick up your first load of Nazareth Pallet mulch today! As an added bonus to our residential customers, mention this blog and receive an extra $1 off each yard of mulch purchased now through April 30th. We look forward to serving you!