The Value and Benefits of 48 by 40 Pallets

In virtually all walks of life, there are standards to be found. For instance, the standard board used in buildings is the 2 by 4. The standard pie that everyone thinks about for picnics is an apple pie, and the standard name for a meat patty inside of a bun is called a hamburger. And in the world of commercial industry, the standard pallet is 48 by 40 and is collectively known as the Grocery Pallet.

These standardized pallets are primarily used in the North American market, they are incredibly tough, feature 4-way forklift access, and are easily stackable. They meet GMA specifications, and with their construction of 7 boards on top and 5 boards on the bottom, they are even pretty enough to be left out when stacked with retail items to display. If you ask anyone what a pallet looks like, this is the one they will always think of.

The Best Value

Because these pallets have been standardized throughout the industry, they are the most common types available. That makes them one of the least expensive pallets to purchase new, and a downright bargain when purchased recycled. In fact, you may save as much as 70% buying recycled Grocery Pallets over buying them brand new, and that means getting them at a tremendous value no matter how you stack them.

But value goes deeper than just price. Recycled 48 by 40 pallets come in several grades. Granted, they are all structurally sound regardless of what grade you get, but cosmetically there will be differences. For example: Grade A pallets are generally used in the food or pharmaceutical industry. Among other things, these pallets have few blemishes, are allowed only slight repairs, all nail heads are flush and the top deck spacing will only be from 2 ½ inches to 3 ½ inches.

A Grade B pallet, on the other hand, is less aesthetically perfect with, among other things, painted ends, blank outs on the sides and some slight repairs including plugs. There may be some splits in the boards as well. However, they are still structurally sound and are much less expensive then Grade A or Premium Grade B pallets.

The Benefits

Price is the greatest benefit to using a Grocery Pallet, and whether you get them new, remanufactured or recycled, you’ll pay less for these standardized pallets than for custom made or odd sized types.

The other major benefit is tried and true toughness and reliability. There is a reason why these have become standardized throughout the industry, and the 7 board top and 5 board bottom makes them extremely durable for virtually every type of pallet use. And because they are so common, ordering them, especially if they are recycled, means fast delivery time to your facility.

Without a doubt, for the most value with the greatest benefits, the 48 by 40 Grocery Pallet is a winner, and has been yesterday, today and will be in the foreseeable future.