We Believe in Doing Right by Our Employees

At Nazareth Pallet Company, the way we do things is just as important as what we produce. We do what we think is right, on every job, every day. And we extend that same philosophy to our team of talented employees, many of whom have been with us for 10 or more years.

We believe everyone on our team is important and deserves respect for who they are and how they can contribute to our work together. Products and technology don’t fulfill the promise behind a brand, people do — people who are happy, talented, motivated, and more energized than our competitors.

In short, we believe that our employees are our greatest asset.

But we don’t just say the words. In addition to our attractive compensation package, we recognize our employees’ hard work by rewarding them in a variety of ways. Here are just some of the perks our employees enjoy!

Annual Christmas Party

This is not your typical, boring corporate Christmas party. We celebrate the old fashioned way with lots of food, fun and excitement.

Annual Safety Event

It may sound like a drag, but we consider it a party with some serious training on the side. Lots of great food, fun speakers and good-old-fashioned learning.

Hot Chocolate on Cold Winter Days

Yes, the yummy marshmallow kind your mom used to make you.

Freeze Pops in the Heat of Summer

Working on pallets all day long in the heat of the summer can get hot. We like to cool our drivers and production team off with tasty freeze pops in a rainbow of flavors.

Snap Towels to Keep Body Temperatures in Check

Trust us, it’s a thing. You take them out of the package, snap them and boom! They keep our drivers and production workers nice and cool all day long!

Drinking Mugs to Keep Everyone Hydrated

There’s no BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug) at Nazareth Pallet. Each of our employees receives a fancy Nazareth Pallet mug during the new hire process.

State-of-the-art Vending Machines

You have to see it to believe it. These are custom-made vending machines filled with yummy sandwiches, coffee, snacks and safety supplies! That’s right…if our production employees forget their safety gear, we have them covered. Eye protection, hearing protection, and more is just one company-ID-card swipe away.

Extra Break Times

When it’s brutally hot or freezing cold, we offer extra break times so that our drivers and production employees can cool off or warm up.

Work Clothing

Depending on position, many of our employees receive company provided hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts. Who wants to go shopping for that stuff anyway?

Tickets to Fun Events

We love to surprise people. We often hand out tickets to Lehigh Valley Phantoms and IronPigs games to randomly selected employees.

Employee of the Month Program

When our employees consistently go above and beyond, we like to make a big deal about it. Fancy certificates, gifts, photos, and social media publicity is all part of the deal!

Other Rewards and Awards

At Nazareth Pallet Company, excellent work pays. In addition to our Employee of the Month program, we hand out prestigious rewards and awards throughout the year.

We hope we made it pretty obvious that our employees mean a lot to us. If you or someone you know is looking for a career change and would like to grow and prosper with the Lehigh Valley’s pallet-industry leader, send us a quick note! We would love to have you on our team.